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Many people are turning onto the online space to make an income.  It is not uncommon to hear that someone quit their 8-5 job to try their hand at selling online.  If you have been thinking about joining the online marketplace as an entrepreneur, we have some exciting jobs you can consider below.

· Try Your Hand at Digital Products All Courses

You may have some expertise in a particular field and can make some good money by teaching it to others.  Use your website, social media platforms,   affiliate partnerships, and email lists to promote yourself.  You will need to write compelling copy, to convince people to purchase what you are selling.  You can also use Amazon to self-publish the course, and of course, if you sell quite a bit, Amazon will help you with the marketing aspect.

· Vlogging and a Podcast

Vlogging has become a very profitable venture for some people. With the growth of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, among others, you will never run short of channels to promote your video blogs.  Remember the key to being successful at Vlogging is to develop engaging, informative content. No one has the time to listen to a dull, uninspired, uninspiring speaker, who does not seem to have a good grasp of the topic.  You will also need to invest in a good camera and sound so that the quality of your images is top-notch.  Vlogging will give you a chance to show your expertise, without having to conform to the restrictions that text may place upon your delivery. The larger your audience grows, the more companies will be willing to work with you to promote their products.  YouTube has made millionaires out of some people, how about fighting for a slice of that pie. Your other option is to start a podcast and monetize it.  You can make money by selling your products or looking for paid sponsorships.  You have to win the trust of the listeners, and position yourself as an expert so that they can purchase whatever it is you’re selling

· App Development Is the Way to Go

The modern consumer is always looking for a way to make their lives easier.  App developers make a lot of money out of their inventions.  You, however, need a product that stands out, because there are so many people who are selling different apps.  While the level of competition is high, the right product will result in some good earnings for you.

· Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a hugely successful social media platform and continues to grow every day.  You will find many businesses taking advantage of the platform to advertise their products.  However, some companies still struggle with how to do it properly.  It is, therefore, not uncommon to find such companies advertising for social media specialists. You will find many tools online that will help you sharpen your skill, thus allowing you to take advantage of the work opportunity available.

· Search Engine  Optimisation ( SEO)

The buzzword with regard to content generation on the internet is search engine optimization (SEO).  It is essential because it is the tool that search engines such as Google used to find a particular website.  Many companies still struggle with SEO implementation.  By mastering SEO, you will find a lot of business opportunities from companies who need help with it.

· Copywriting

Copywriting is a critical marketing skill because the content you generate will help sell a service or product.  You need to have a passion and a talent for using words creatively.  If you look at the online freelancing job boards, there is always someone who is looking for a copywriter. Best of all,   you get to work from wherever you are.

· Online Coaching

Some people have made millions out of online coaching.  Such people have identified a need and have come up with tutorials that they use for their lessons. The process of becoming a coach is not easy, and you need to advertise yourself well. You will need to market yourself well to convince people to pay for the tutorials.   Remember, your biggest competitor with this line of business is the online platform.  There are so many free resources, and you must, therefore, promise something that adds more value than what the end-user can find for free online.

· Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a fantastic online business idea because you use your e-commerce platform to sell other people’s products.  You do not have the hassle of physically handling the products.  The seller takes care of the manufacturing, storage, and shipping aspects, while you make a commission from each sale.


We have shared with you excellent business ideas in our articles above. Remember, like any other business, you need to dedicate sufficient time and effort to the venture.

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