How can I make money quickly on Bing Ads and CPA Offers 2022

If you want to know how to build profitable campaigns using Pay per Click marketing on Bing Ads, then this is for you.

To go about this, there are stages you need to go through.

Stage 1: Initial Preparation

Affiliate account: unless you have your own products, you need to have an affiliate account in order to get paid.

The domain names: you’ll be using one for your landing page (that is if you’re using a landing page).  For the other, you could use it to set up on CPV lab or other hosts. Use a domain name that is related to the niche you’ll be promoting

A Bing Ad Account: It is important you have a Bing account. If don’t you need to sign up on the platform

A Web Host: if you plan on spending several thousand clicks per day on several campaigns, then you need to find a good web host.

Stage 2: Building the Campaign

Choose an offer: to begin with, on PPC traffic your offers will be limited. Using Bing Ads, there are only certain offers that can be promoted (Adult or illegal things or gambling is not allowed). To be sure, go through their guidelines. Next, you need to search the CPA network and find offers that allow PPC as a traffic source.

After doing this, you will be left with a list of potential offers to promote Bing. With lead generation offers or offers that don’t require a hard sell, CPA offers on Bing really work well. There are also a thousand and one great keywords that produce a lot of traffic.

Make sure you spread out your keywords throughout your landing page as the quality score is important with Bing Ads. If you are familiar with HTML, you have an added advantage as you can place the keywords in the alt tags for added benefits of raising your quality score.

Another thing to note is to make sure you start with one campaign.

Stage 3: Landing Page

Is a landing page really necessary? Yes of course. It has a few essential purposes:

  1. Conversions are usually better with a pre-sell type of landing page.
  2. The quality score can be improved as well as click costs on Bing reduced.
  3. To improve your conversions, you can easily swap out and test new angles.

So immediately after setting up your landing page, you can now set up your campaign with Bing Ads. After setting up your campaign, you can do keyword research later.

Stage 4: important Bing Ad settings You Can’t Afford to Miss

Time zone: this is very important as you need to match the time zone on Bing with that of your server settings so that the statistics times match when you go to review CPV labs later.

Have a campaign budget:  there is a campaign budget option so all you need to do is to set it up. A minimum amount of $25 is recommended which can be improved once it is working. In “Daily Budget Options”, choosing “Accelerated” will blow your budget as fast as it can and often. Once you optimize it is best to set this. What this means is that your ads will deliver fast as long as there are people searching and won’t be spread throughout the day.

Country: remember to always set the country in the appropriate country for which the offer is allowed. If, for example, your offer runs in all countries, you could set up a campaign for each country (that’s if you want to get really technical). By doing so, your click costs will greatly reduce and you will get to know the countries with the best click costs and conversion rates.

Keywords: a couple of keywords added to the box will get your campaign running. Bing Bang Profits is one tool that could help with this. With distribution, set this to search only or content only, but never both as it is tough to track and as well as bad for budgeting.

Bidding: endeavor to set your bids higher and slowly lower them. Why? You may ask. Bing suggests that your quality score is tied to your ad click-through rate so, for lots of clicks and impressions, your ad needs to be high up the page.

Stage 5: Examine Initial Launch Results

After launching a campaign, there is the need to eliminate keywords that do not get clicks or those clicks with clicks but have no conversions. That’s not all though. There are other variables to consider before deleting a keyword.

Stage 6: Optimization

From my own observation, there are 5 key areas of analysis and they include Keyword, Ads, Landing page, offer, and country.

Before you even go about optimizing, there get about $25-$100 worth of data or better still, get 200 clicks to each variable. The issue most advertisers have in PPC is either quitting too soon or not knowing which area of analysis is causing an unprofitable campaign.

With Bing BangProfits, optimization is also made easier, especially as many resources are made available to you as well as sufficient training on how to make good use of Bing Ads as a moneymaker!

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