Starting any business to sell online is exciting, but can also be very challenging. There are so many things to think about, including, financing, location, online platforms for e-commerce, and what product to sell.  One way to make an impact online is by selling a niche product. You get to avoid having to deal with too much competition.  You are also likely to build a loyal customer base because you are the go-to person for that particular item.

The other option is to sell popular products while ensuring that you position yourself well so that you don’t get swallowed up by the competition.  If you keep coming up blank anytime you think about what items to sell online; you will want to continue reading.

· Wireless Phone Chargers

You know how frustrating it can be if you need to charge your phone, but have nowhere to plug it in.  Wireless charging is rising rapidly, and you will never run short of customers, due to a large number of people who own mobile phones.  You can stock wireless chargers for almost all kinds of smartphone brands.  What makes them an excellent product to sell in your online store is that the retail price is still very high.  The fact that you can source them wholesale also means that your profit margins will be higher.

· Pet Products

You will find that the owners are willing to spend quite a bit on making sure that the pet is comfortable.  You can, for example, target those who like dogs with dog-specific products.  Such items include dog collars that allow for GPS tracking, dog toys, among others.  One thing that may pique your interest is that a cursory look at Google Analytics will show you that dog collars are some of the most searched for items on the search engine.

· Watches

Watches are other items that seem to be doing very well if you are to depend on Google Analytics.  People continuously search for watches for both men and women.  Those searching are also quite particular about fitness and fashion watches.  Think about the type of timepiece you want to sell only after doing your research. what you want to buy after doing

· Women’s Shapewear

It is a well-known fact that ladies like to shop,   and you will, therefore not go wrong by stocking their items.  Narrow down your focus to specific items.  Waist trainers, corsets, and shapewear have become very popular.  They give the illusion of slimness.  Ladies wear them under their clothing to make the bodies, especially around the waist area, seem firmer.

· Toys

Toys will always do well because children love them.  Parents also use them as a wonderful aid for babysitting.  There is a lot of innovation with regard to toys, and you will find some with exciting features. Some are used for educational purposes, while others are strictly for fun.  See what the market has to offer, and bring in something unique.

The best thing about selling toys is that you do not have to target the kids only.  You will find toys for all ages, including those in the corporate setting; that is why things like anti-stress toys sell well.

· Earphones

You may be asking why we would recommend earphones while everyone seems to be selling them. You may be right in a sense, so that is why you need to sell only those that offer the latest technology.  You can, for example, focus on those with noise-canceling features.  You could also sell wireless earbuds, among others.

· Retro Items

The retro look is coming back, and most people are incorporating it into their fashion items.  You will, therefore, find that maxi dresses are making a comeback.  People are also starting to go back to wearing cocktail dresses, gowns, and evening wear.  Position yourself as the go-to place for retro clothing.

You will also find interesting retro pieces for your home decor.  If you can find a source for items from the 50s to the 70s, you will not have a shortage of customers who want the old look back. Stock up on the fabric and textiles as well, so that you have a whole range of retro items for your customers.


We have shared with you some exciting ideas for products you can sell in your online store.  Just make sure you have a proper understanding of your target audience.  Even if a product already exists, you will find that there are specific needs that no one is meeting.

You can, therefore, become the solution provider to anyone who has a specific need. You also have the advantage that technology is always changing, and therefore have the opportunity to sell improved products.  Choose the right e-commerce platform, which will make the running with your online store seamless.

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