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Setting up an online business has its challenges, one of which is to know which product to sell.  You will find that there is an oversaturation of certain products, thereby making it difficult to make a profit.  Follow our guide for some of the products that are doing well in the online space in 2019.

Handmade products

If you have a hobby like making handmade stuff, then you should consider selling them online. You will especially do well if you focus on things like dolls, hair accessories, apparel, jewelry, or decor items.  What makes them popular is that they are unique and are not mass-produced.  You can, therefore, use marketing language like one-of-a-kind without offending anyone.

· Custom Items

Custom items are a great way to make money. You could, for example, have custom marketing items, gift items, awards, toys, among others.  Also, think about jewelry and accessories.  Why people like custom items is because of the focus on quality and uniqueness.

· Phone Accessories

It may blow your mind how some people attach so much importance to something like a phone case.  It becomes an expression of their individuality, and that is why you will find some exciting designs.  It is also not uncommon to hear that someone has a phone case adorned with precious stones.  Offer personalization so that you give the customers something different. You could, for example, offer bedecking, engraving, unique color combinations, and exciting textures, among others.

· Underwear

You can never go wrong with stocking underwear, especially for females.  Lingerie remains a very popular category, but you need to find high-quality products. Focus on the designs so that you give your female customers something different. Take high-quality pictures and post them on social media platforms to generate relevant interest.

Do not forget the gents; here is an idea, instead of selling it directly to the man, package it for the ladies.  You could, for example, come up with exotic his and her underwear.  Come up with promotions that encourage the ladies to shop for the men.  Be especially aggressive during festive seasons or any special days.  Have a line for anniversaries, birthdays, among others.

The other option is to focus on one particular segment.  You may find that plus-size women do not have a wide range when it comes to lingerie.  Those who have made a foray into this sector have turned handsome profits.  Think about the markets, focus on the group that does not get much attention, and focus on them.

Many ladies are also buying shape wear to give a silhouette of a slim figure. There is also an emerging fashion trend of waist training so you will do well with corsets.

· Quadcopters and Drones

Quadcopters and drones are still very popular if the trends are anything to go by.  These are niche products because the people who use them are very specific. You will find that it is either for business, or a hobby.

· Digital Musical Products

You will find a lot of markets in digital products around music creation.  Some people will, for example, focus on selling beats or instrumentals.   Gone are the days of needing a full band to put together a song.  Nowadays you buy the background from one supplier and then put in your vocals.

· Educative And Informational Content

You can make so much money by focusing on information or educational content.  That is why there are people like the online coaches who sell video tutorials and eBooks and make quite a bit of money.

· Natural Products

People are turning away from the use of processed, manufactured products and are embracing a healthier way of living.  You will find many people selling natural foods, natural beverages, natural skin, and hair products, among others.  The market still has a lot of potential. As long as you can prove that you are using 100% natural products and processes, you will be able to sell quite well.

· Pet Supplies

People treat pets as family and will, therefore, do anything to make them comfortable.  If you stock the right kind of accessories and supplies, you will make a killing.  Think about customizing some of the products; you can, for instance, engrave the name of the dog on the dog collar or food bowl. You can even stock unique dog houses, cat litter boxes, among others.

The Pet grooming industry is also doing well, and you can focus on a particular niche.  You can, for example, only stock products specific to cats, dogs, hamsters, among others.


The only way you will succeed in selling online is to have the right product, and market it well. You are more likely to succeed if you have a niche or trending product.  Use our list above as a guide, and good luck in your online business.

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