Back in the 1990s, many people were a little bit skeptical when it came to buying products over the Internet. Today, the situation has changed and there are literally millions of people around the world that are purchasing products online. This means that there’s always room for retailers and online business people who want to start selling products online. If you are new to this, then you are probably wondering what are the best product ideas in 2019 or what to sell online today to be more precise.

The good news is that people are interested in purchasing different products. In other words, it seems that there’s a buyer for almost any product offered online. Yet, if you want to make a good profit and you are looking for a way to earn money fast, you should focus on the trending products. You can do research with the help of popular search engines and online marketplaces in order to get good ideas. But, you can also use our guide that will provide a few valuable suggestions. Our team has conducted research and we have noticed that there are a few popular product ideas in 2019 that are doing quite well on the market today.


This is not really something new, but it turns out that people are still willing to pay money to get the advice they need. We are talking about how-to guides that can help them figure out how they can solve their problems. So, in this case, we are talking about a product that you have to create first. Think about the things that you are interested in, things that you know and you have experience with. Popular eBooks are written by authors that represent some sort of authorities in their fields. The good thing is that you don’t have to be a successful personal financial advisor or a medical expert in order to write and sell a successful book.

Some popular how-to guides and eBooks that are trending today include ones covering topics like real estate, languages, game development, app development, wedding planning, living as an expat, fixing smartphones, self-care, forgotten crafts and more.

What’s important about selling this type of product is that you can use these sales strategically and earn even more money. First of all, you can create a few different eBooks covering the same topic. For example, you can write a book for beginners, advanced users or even for experts. This will help you position yourself as an authority and write and sell eBooks even easier in the future.

In addition, don’t forget that these eBooks can lead people to your website where you can sell more products (physical products) that can help them solve their problems or dilemmas. For example, you can run an affiliate site, offer an eBook about app development and encourage readers to join a course provided by a company that you are working for as an affiliate.

Used books, movies and/or games

You don’t have to create something completely new in order to make money online. Sometimes, a simple product idea like used books, games or movies could work too. Remember that you should not expect to get rich overnight in this way, but a strategy like this can definitely help you understand the current trends on the market. Don’t forget that even Amazon has started like this and they are now the world’s leading online marketplace.

Let’s take video games as an example. You can purchase old video games in good condition locally. After that, you can offer them on sites like eBay and Amazon. With good photos and descriptions, you should be able to sell them for more. Some of these video games might be rare and passionate gamers might be willing to pay more to get them. The same goes for books and movies.

Amazon, eBay, and similar sites are the best options when you are starting a business like this. After that, you can invest in your own website and try to create a mini-marketplace where people can purchase this type of goods.

Cat bowls

As we have mentioned before, the products you want to sell online don’t have to be completely unique or spectacular. In fact, they can be something as simple as cat bowls. The truth is that the pet industry has reached its peak, but it’s also true that this is a multibillion industry. In addition, when we say cat bowls, they don’t have to be regular bowls made of metal.

Use your imagination, try to create (or find) cat bowls that are made of eco-friendly materials. You can also offer customizable bowls or foldable bowls or other kinds of bowls that can’t be found everywhere. Consider the things that people need when they are looking for a product like this. It’s possible to upsell this product by providing similar offers including cat food and cat toys. For the best results, focus on specific cat bowls.

Branded clothes

That’s right, most online buyers are interested in purchasing branded goods including branded clothes online. As a seller, you don’t have to offer the most expensive pieces of clothing, but it’s a good idea to purchase clothes from outlet stores and sell them at the regular price online.

While we are talking about branded clothes, we should also mention that there are many different pieces of clothing that are doing well today like denim jeans. Check the current trends in the world of fashion and focus on those clothes.

Final thoughts

Selling online is easy. You can create your own website from scratch, hire a web developer or use one of the established online marketplaces. Even social media platforms can help you in this process. But, in order to maximize the results of your activities, you will have to conduct research and find good product ideas. This 2019, there are a few things that can bring you great profit if you sell them online and we have listed a few of these product ideas in this article.

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