Selling products online has never been easier, but we cannot say the same thing about getting the best product ideas in 2019. Once you start analyzing the market, it’s very easy to get confused because people are buying so many different things on the Internet. Of course, not all of these products are equally popular which means that it’s better to focus on the trending products to sell online. But, what kind of products are in demand today?

It doesn’t really matter whether you have your own product that you are trying to sell or you are working as an affiliate and selling products that were not created by you, you must take a few things into account. For example, you must think about the problems that this product can solve. Is it a product that had good reviews in the past? Who created it? Is that something that you would like to buy? Once you have answers to these questions, it would be easier to find a good product that you can sell online. In order to make things a little bit easier for you, we have prepared a list of a few trending product ideas in 2019.

Bluetooth-based products

Unlike infrared technology, Bluetooth technology has survived the emergence of Wi-Fi technology. As a matter of fact, the majority of new electronic gadgets are either based on or support Bluetooth technology. This makes sense because this mode of connection is relatively stable, it’s harmless and doesn’t require much energy to work. In addition, with Bluetooth technology on your side, you can say goodbye to wires. So, a good product to sell online is products that use Bluetooth technology like Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth smart devices and more.


About ten years ago, smartbands were very experience gadgets that could be bought only by people that had a lot of money. But, thanks to the advance of modern technology, smartbands are now available to everyone. At the same time, more and more people are worried about their health and they are looking for ways to track, monitor and improve their health and these smartbands have proven to be quite helpful in situations like this. There are many manufacturers that make smartbands. It might be a good idea to focus on one brand or a couple of brands and start promoting them on your website.

Eco-friendly beauty products

According to many surveys, an increasing number of people are becoming eco-friendly. As such, they are interested in practicing lifestyles that are less harmful to Mother Nature. One of the products that are causing problems to planet Earth is beauty products. Many of these products are based on harmful materials not only for the planet but also for the users. So, you should look for beauty products made of completely natural ingredients. In addition, these products must be packed in eco-friendly boxes made of sustainable materials like bamboo or wood. Natural loofahs, toothbrushes made of bamboo and wooden hairbrushes are good examples of products like this.

Products that can be used as part of certain diets

Have you heard about paleo diet? Do you know what keto diet is? These are the names of a couple of very popular and trending diets. Of course, there are dozens of other diets practiced by people around the world. These people are hoping that practicing a specific diet will help them regulate their weight and improve their health. They are ready to do anything they can to achieve that goal. Finding products that can be used as part of these diets can bring you a lot of money. Sell products like unconventional milk (almond, coconut, etc.), unconventional flour (oat, almond, etc.), vegan snacks and other similar products to make profit this 2019.

Travel products and accessories

There’s an increasing number of travelers around the world. It seems that the quality of living on our planet is slowly going up and more people can afford to travel abroad or even travel multiple times in one year. All these people need specially designed products and accessories in order to get the most from their trips. We are talking about products that can make travel simpler and more enjoyable. For instance, in the past, suitcases had different dimensions. Today, most manufacturers are adjusting the size of suitcases based on the size of luggage approved by airlines. In addition, some of the new bags and suitcases are adjusted for modern technology and include holes for cables and wires and some of them support Bluetooth too. Action cameras that work underwater are very popular too and this is another product idea that you should take into account if you are planning on selling things online in 2019.

We hope that this guide will help you find good product ideas.

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